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January 26, 2011


Sue Mattson

Rooftop weddings are really rare! Actually, I'm wondering why they're rare, when they are all so charming and beautiful! Hmm. Maybe they don't want their wedding ceremonies to happen at nighttime! But for some girls, being married under the moonlight will make them feel more delightful and romantic. Is there someone who ever thought that riding a helicopter for the "get-away" part is much more thrilling than riding a vintage car? Well, I think so!

Lanioss Rose

I've been dreaming of being married on the rooftop! 0_0

Javis Monzalton

It does sound pretty dreamy. You can imagine a beautiful sky being the ceiling of that special event, not to mention the excitement of being high up on the roof of a tall hotel. The scenery, with the beautiful architecture included, will be a grand one as well, no doubt about it.

Will Peartin

Heh, that does sound like a cool shindig.

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