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May 09, 2009



Great article! I'm a photographer and could not have said it better myself.

Amanda, Bay Area Wedding Photographer

Thanks for offering insight to the advantages of having an album done ! The same things happends to a ton of my couples ( I will seriously hear from them YEARS later asking if I can make them am album ).

I travel to Oregon for free too if you ever have a bride who might be interested !

Shumaker Photography

Great article Emee. Your suggestions are not just practical, they are clearly heart-felt. You are clearly looking out for your clients.


great job covering everything Emee, great advice!


Good article, one thing I have noticed that brides should consider when booking a photographer as well as the videographer is obtrusiveness. I have seen photographers like David Barss and Randy Kepple who are like a fly on the wall during the day. Their investment in long lenses to capture the moments during a ceremony allows them to get amazing imagery without walking up the aisle or behind the B&G, distracting guests and the wedding ceremony. It is awkward moment when my clients are viewing a video where an obtrusive photographer was booked and the client asks, "Why was that photographer standing in the aisle ceremony? Don't they know they are in the way?" I reply, "I guess you have to ask your photographer..." The best way to find out if the photographer you are looking at is obtrusive is to ask your wedding planner or videographer, they will know!

Rebekah Johnson

This is one of the best pieces I have read on this subject. I especially concur with the whole album issue. It is a labor intense project to put together an excellent album. We offer albums to our clients because, we know, they will not make their own. It is a service. I don't care if the bride has a PhD in DIY. She will most likely NEVER do it.

wedding packages

Oh! glad I saw this post. I am also wonder "How do I choose a photographer?” now I got these tips. Thanks for sharing! This post really helps.


Portland Wedding Photographer Evrim Icoz

Great article, always. Thanks for the piece about the album too!

Thina Doukas Photography

Hi there, greetings from Thina Doukas Photography in Sydney! Our advice to this topic is to choose wisely. Make sure you feel comfortable with the photographers that will be shooting your wedding. That is if you are dealing with the directors of the business, find out if they will be shooting your wedding, if not WHO!

Also, do you like the style of photography and the total package that is in front of you. This is not only price but the whole package from albums, photo style and the relationship you have bonded with that particular photographer. Hope this may have helped a little.. cheers and great topic. regards

Perry @ Thina Doukas Photography

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